Shepherd Sweater, Complete!

Almost exactly two years after casting it on, my Shepherd sweater is DONE.

I used farm yarn taken from the backs of our colored sheep for this project, figuring that a a shepherd I should wear the fruits of my labor!

However, it wasn’t always easy sailing. It took many frustrating attempts to attain the proper gauge; even so, the finished product is still a tad snug. I’m not overly concerned about that, but it adds to my “swatches lie” conviction!

The knitting itself was very enjoyable. I love Kate Davies, and I was thrilled that she collaborated with Susan on this. I can definitely see myself knitting this again; probably in the cream color it was original designed for in order to show off the cables better.


I got lucky that it was my birthday so I had Maddie here to model for me.


It’s probably a bit nit picky of me, but I do think some of the stitch definition gets lost in this yarn.  Still, I love the color.


I haven’t gotten the buttons on yet. In fact, I haven’t even picked any out. I should really get on that!


This wool will make this sweater a very hard-wearing garment. It should last quite a long time.


It’s also super warm. Maddie couldn’t wait to get it off in the heat outside this evening!

I’ve already cast on a pair of socks and ordered needles for the next Shepherd Sweater, designed by Pam Wynne. What do you think, another two years? I hope not!

5 thoughts on “Shepherd Sweater, Complete!

  1. It’s especially meaningful knitted from the wool of your own sheep! I can confirm it is extremely warm – I wore mine on the coldest days this winter and it was very snug!

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