Hey, what do you know? Your knitted objects actually grow when you work on them!

Actually, this is feeling like a pretty quick knit. Maybe because the last knit I finished was my Shepherd Sweater, and with so much cabling it felt like it took forever? Chimney Fire seems to be sprouting at a rate I can actually see.


It’s growing so well, I’m having trouble fitting it all in the frame with my current lens. And I’m also having trouble getting a picture of it without a cat investigating.


Since it’s knit top-down, I’ve been able to try this on as I’ve worked on it, and I’m happy to report that so far, the fit is perfect. Honestly, the shoulders and arms fitting is probably the most important bit, so I’m looking forward to a finished sweater that is going to work very, very well on me.


I’m already tempted to cast on another one in a different color the moment this one is finished. A nice, rich, green for Saint Patrick’s Day might be nice.

If not for the hundreds of beautiful patterns I want to try waiting for me in my Ravelry queue, I probably would.


I’ve knitted  large portions of this sweater in the car, listening to Serial podcast, while the girls were at Girl Scouts on various Sundays. It’s become one of my favorite times of the week.

My only regret is how little cold weather we will have left once this is complete, and it will have to wait until fall for real wearing.

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