Sunny Leap Day

Happy Leap Day!

It’s too bad Leap Day didn’t translate into a three-day weekend. The weather’s been warm and dry, and perfect for farm projects.

Unfortunately, my laptop is FULL and won’t let me upload any more pictures for blogging until I dump like 30,000 photos, or something insane like that.  In the meantime, crappy iPad pictures it is!

For a while this weekend I played around with some sock yarn and the dye pot. Specifically, I was interested in seeing how well I could manage multiple colors in one pot. It was a blast, I have to say. Every skein came out a bit different depending on where in the pot it sat,many where the colors were added. It’s definitely more efficient (and less messy) than hand painting each skein, but with less control over the finished product.


With these colors  I was going for an “Easter Eggs” feel. Even within that theme, and the same colors with each pot, the results varied wildly.


I may, in the future, open an etsy shop to have an outlet for my fun.

After playing with wool and color, I took advantage of the sun and painted two beehive boxes that hadn’t gotten done last year.  And, having seen a slogan for a cosmetic company that essentially said “Happy Bees Live in Beautiful Houses”, I decided a beautiful color was in order.


When I was done, I painted the front garden gate the same color. Now we just need new bees and for spring to arrive!

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