Escape the Boredom!

Okay, so this post will be just a bit different.

Our friends are  opening a new business downtown and we’ve gotten to spend time with them as they’ve brought their creative vision to life.

Have you ever heard of an “Escape Room”?

The concept is simple: you and a small group of friends enter a room with a theme and are completely immersed in  a puzzle-solving adventure. The clues are not overly simple and you have to work as a team to achieve the final puzzle and “escape” whatever danger that room has lurking.

Timing-wise, it takes about an hour.

Although we had never tried it before, we had a blast finding all of the different clues and figuring out what they all meant. I loved that we got to have the kids spend time being entertained by using their brains! And working together!

I know I’m totally biased, because we got to spend the afternoon with some of our favorite people right on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall, and then follow it up at the new  Mexican restaurant, The Bebedero. We don’t usually get to spend a day in town like that, and I’m hoping we’ll make time to do it more often.

If you’re local, you can check out the website for the Escape Room HERE.

Afterwards, you can checkout The Bebedero because HOLY COW it’s amazing.


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