Again With the Stupid

Ok so I think I have established that our dog Pippa is none too bright. Being half Setter may be part of her problem – her father is a very good natured but very slobbery “happy idiot”. But I digress.
Last night was cold. Last night Paul also reached 24 hours of no sleep. So he reached that magical time where your body tries to tell you, “Sleep!!!” and he got really worn down and cold. So he put on a hat. You know, just a skull cap style knitted affair in black. Nothing fancy.
Pippa went whacko. She started barking at him from down the hall. He tried talking to her “It’s me you dumb ass!”
She barked louder. He took off the hat. She stopped barking. He put the hat back on. She started barking and growling again. I called to her and she came in the kitchen with me. Paul approached and she started to slink down a bit and growl. So I held her collar and pet her while he approached so she could see and smell that it was, in fact, the man she adores. He got within arm’s distance, and she peed herself.
He left the hat off the rest of the night.