A Mind is a Terrible Thing to…………..what???????

This lack of sleep thing is killing me.  Have I started other blogs with that line?  That’s the problem – I can’t remember.  I’ve been walking into rooms with absolutely no idea why or for what.  I just got online, went to Google, and completely blanked.  Why am I at Google?  What was I going to look up?  Perhaps I should search “lack of sleep –  effects on the brain” or something along those lines.
I’ve been making lists lately, but that doesn’t help for two reasons:
1.  By the time I can remember where I left the paper and pen, I can’t remember half the things I meant to write
2.  I keep losing the lists

I’ve also been blanking in other ways.  Ever catch yourself staring into nothingness and you don’t know how long you’ve been that way?  Or, do you have days where you can’t remember if an experience you’re thinking about was something you actually experienced or was just a dream from the 30 minutes of sleep you got last night?  Do you call your kids by 4 different names before you get it right?  Have you ever tried to pay for medicine at the pharmacy with your Starbucks giftcard?  Have you ever almost left the house wearing your fuzzy bedroom slippers instead of your shoes?  Can’t remember if you’ve taken your pills for the day?
I know Paul has forgotten he was filling up a cup with water until it was flowing all over the counter – I’ve done it twice this week.

I know it sounds like I am trying to be funny………but this is truly a problem!!!!!!
I need sleep!!!!!!