A new site for me….

So I’ve been blogging on MySpace for awhile, but only a few people I know have an account, so here I am.  If I can figure out how to add all of my archived blogs here, I will, but I am something of a technological moron, and if it’s not explicitly stated how to accomplish something, then I probably can’t do it, and am too lazy to learn.  Besides, my kids don’t afford me much time to do these sorts of things.  It’s a good day when I am showered and my hair’s done.  It doesn’t help that I am probably the most disorganized person on the planet.  Something about managing 3 kids (an 8 year old, a 4 year old, a 4 month old) mostly on my own caused some essential fuse to blow in my brain and I’ve been operating inefficiently ever since.

One difference about this blog versus the old one is that at the risk of boring everyone to death, I will have more knitting content here.   I have no one at home that really cares that I just finished the second of a pair of patterned socks (the cats are only interested in playing with the yarn in ball form, and the dog is only excited if she can chew on said socks) so I’ll brag in blog form instead.  I’ve also placed links on this page to other bloggers I read (and yes, they are mostly knitting blogs…..we’re a numerous, if slightly crazy, bunch).  So check them out – they are all much better writers and/or knitters than I.

2 thoughts on “A new site for me….

  1. Well, you’re not my only friend who blogs a lot about her knitting, so I think I can handle it. 🙂

    Besides, you could be like me and blog about all things running … and my running friends don’t even know about my blog, so I’m basically just boring to death all the non-runners in my life.

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