I was going to finish those socks, but……

I was hoping I’d be done with my latest pair of socks so I could post pictures, but sadly I have not yet begun the toe on the 2nd sock. But I have a good excuse. And she is very cute.

. cutieoonie.jpg

That’s Oona. She’s almost 5 months old. My other girls tend to be a handful as well, but the baby is the one that really cuts into my “free” time. But she’s too happy and snuggly for me to mind. Lately she’s been “making eyes” at me a lot, and I love it. I just wish I could get more “me” time in. Whenever she naps I try to sneak in a few rows of knitting – which let me tell you, isn’t so easy when you’ve got the baby asleep on your chest and you’re working with 5 tiny size 2 double pointed needles. On the rare occasion that I get to put her down while she naps (usually she wakes up) it seems that the universe decides it’s time to mess with me. The UPS guy comes and rings the doorbell. The dog goes apes**t and barks like mad at the burn pile from the new house project across the street (I don’t get it either). Telemarketers begin calling every few minutes. Neve screams from the bathroom that she peed herself, and then slams the door on her way out, stomping up the stairs to change. The cat jumps at the window, trying to get at the birds in the feeder outside and then gets stuck (it happens more than you’d think). Actually, now that I think about it, it’s mostly my animals that do the damage. The dog especially. She loves to shake and jingle the tags on her collar right next to the cradle. And she barks with special relish at the 8 billion deer that always seem to show up in my yard during the mid – day nap.

Today I avoided it by taking the little kids to the Children’s Museum. It was fun and crazy as always and I got home and cleaned up a bit and helped Emily do her “make it snow” rituals (running around in the grass wearing your pj’s inside out, putting spoons under our pillows) and then made spaghetti and meatballs (yes, from scratch. I’m clearly a glutton for punishment). Anyway it was a decent day so it’s not so bad that I haven’t worked on my socks at all. But I am very close. watercolor-socks.jpg

See? They’re the Jaywalkers pattern by Grumperina. I did them in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Watercolor. I can’t wait – they’re the first pair I’ve made for myself. I generally prefer to knit for my little ones and other people, and let’s face it, baby sized items are way more fun to knit than adult sized. In fact, when these are done I’ll be casting on for more baby socks, since Oona’ s outgrown the ones she has, and I should probably work on the sweaters I’ve got in progress for the other girls. You know, before it’s 90 degrees outside and they’ve outgrown them.

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