Snowed in

Emily’s “let it snow” rituals worked!! We woke up yesterday morning to snow! We got a nice blanketing that continued most of the day, turning over to sleet later on. So of course there was no school, and they canceled it again today due to all the ice we accumulated overnight. The older girls spent most of yesterday playing outside. I ventured out only briefly to help Emily assemble the 3 snowman pieces she had rolled up (another speckled snowman, I might add), but I couldn’t really play outside with them because of the baby. But they were out most of the day having fun, coming in here and there to refuel with hot cocoa.


It was nice to have some quiet time for just me and Oona. I made a pumpkin cream pie and worked on my socks a bit (still didn’t finish…..I only get a few baby free minutes here and there). After they came in for good Neve earned her “McEnroe” nickname all over again, throwing fits whenever she lost at Wii tennis, and outright sobbing uncontrollably anytime she was beat at any other game. She could not be calmed, and would not relinquish the remote for anything. I swear, if ever there are moments you question the wisdom of having children, these are them. I had to turn the darn thing off. But it ended up alright. Neve and Oona sat together and watched what has become my sanity saver, Yo Gabba Gabba. Have you seen it? As many will testify, I absolutely hated Yo Gabba Gabba the first time I saw it. I wanted to know just what Nick Jr. was thinking airing such a crazy show. Admittedly, I was barely able to make it past the host’s wild getup before I changed the channel. But, the kids LOVE it, and the songs are catchy, and the next thing I know I am enjoying it as well. And Oona squeals now when I turn it on for her. She’ll sit nicely for about an episode a day, which is enough time for me to empty the dishwasher, load it back up and maybe have a cup of coffee (sometimes even breakfast!!) in the process. And it has become part of the vernacular of our home now, along with The Simpsons, Futurama, Dirty Jobs, and various other programs (we watch way too much tv).


Today was much less peaceful – the snow was mostly ice by the time the kids got out the door, and then it all but melted by lunchtime so they decided they preferred to stay inside and drive me crazy. Our satellite is not working at the moment, so they couldn’t watch anything unrecorded (in other words, anything they haven’t seen 10,000 times already). So I suggested they partake in that grand past time I like to call “Crack for Kids”. Or, as it is known to the rest of the world, Webkinz. With the older girls occupied thusly, I was actually able to consider doing laundry. Calm down there, I said consider. What I actually accomplished today fell far short of any real housework. Also my vacuum is broken, so there’s no point making myself crazy over what a mess I’ve got going on in here, since I can’t even clean up the dog fur properly. Besides, every time I approach any sort of productivity, Oona decides it’s time for me to hold her instead. But if I am lucky, I may have a husband home this weekend to help out. Two people considering the laundry is better than one, right?

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