The Random Odds & Bits

Well it’s a total understatement, but being a mom is hard work.  We are so underpaid.  I’ve been keeping lists for quite some time now, since my memory for things I need to accomplish tends to be rather inexact (or non – existent, depending on who you talk to).  I have lists to remind me what paintings I have planned, lists to remind me what projects were planned for which yarn, what meals I planned to make for the week….you get the idea.  So yesterday morning I made a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish for the day (dishes, vacuum, take down the xmas lights…..).

Reality hit about 6 pm yesterday when despite my best efforts (and no napping on my part) my accomplishments were roughly that half the dishwasher had been emptied and I’d wiped the dust off the tv screen.  So maybe my to – do list will be for the week.  Seriously.  I tried, I really did.  But I’ll tell you it’s hard to do anything when you’ve got a 5 month old who wants to eat every 2 hours and won’t nap if you’re not holding her, but is very cranky if she doesn’t  nap and is also not happy unless you’re interacting with her.  And then there’s the demanding 4 year old.  I swear she is this close to running around feral, wearing her pj’s all day and foraging for goldfish crackers.

On the plus side I have perfected the ability to wind a ball of yarn from a hank while holding a sleepy baby in my lap.  I’d like to call that quite an accomplishment!!!

Speaking of knitting, while waiting for my groceries (we buy our food online, then drive out to the store and they bring ’em out and load ’em in the car – great when it’s just you and a small army of little kids) there was a very elderly lady in the car next to us, with her little poodle sitting in between the front seats.  He was pretty cute, but what I noticed was she was knitting!  And while the rest of my family made baby talk about her cute pooch, I was sorely tempted to knock on her window and be like “So……whatcha workin’ on?”

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