Disturbing Trends

There’s 2 trends I’ve noticed lately that are bugging me.  The first is something probably only parents would notice, or people who regularly are tuned into kids’ programming, because I’m talking about commercials that air during these times.  They’re selling anything from fast food to toys, though I think the fast food companies are by far the largest offenders.  And no, I don’t object to fast food commercials per se, but I dislike that lately the set up seems to be smart alecky kids who treat their dumb – as – hammers parents with disdain and thinly veiled contempt (have you seen the commercial where the kids say “You don’t know Snoopy” ?  I want to put them snotty, self satisfied kids in a serious time out).  What’s up with that?  And the fact that it bothers me…..does that mean I am getting old and unhip???

The second thing that bugs me just might make the case for me being unhip.  Marcia blogged about this at Halloween, and I found it still relevant last week.  She mentioned how Halloween has become nothing more than an excuse for every female to unleash their inner streetwalker.  I agree.  What’s sad is that I tried to save myself some time in the Susan B Anthony costume making thing by going to a costume store in town to see of they had anything I could adjust to work for Emily.  Unfortunately, they did not.  Now, if she were a boy, I could have gotten any number of costumes for her – pioneer, pilgrim, cowboy, doctor, pirate, fireman, army guy, colonial boy……you name it.  But the selection for girls?  Well unless you want to be a sexy little tramp, forget it.  The only non – trashy costumes they had for little girls were various animals.  What gives?   I guess since it’s a university town they are catering to the “sorostitutes”*……….but still.  It doesn’t make me feel any better to think that my daughters will go off to college and dress like “Naughty Nurse” or “Vixen Vamp”.  For now I’ll have to suck it up and keep making stuff for them myself…..and hope my girls end up a touch more sophisticated than that.

*Sorostitute:  I saw a lot of these when I was driving transit buses at the university.  I had some late night runs, which is when they generally come out.  Right around 11 to 11:30 pm, after a few hours of total quiet on the streets and around the campus, masses of barely dressed, highly perfumed and made up girls would materialize out of their dorms and apartments for the attempt to gain entry into a bar or frat party.  Their banter was generally inane and shallow.  I may have yelled at a drunken herd of them  riding on my bus once.