I Should Have Known

I should have known disaster was waiting for me.  There’s the low level migraine that’s been plaguing me since I woke up this morning (no doubt due to the impending storm, which hasn’t stopped it from being violently sunny in the house and killing my eyes.)

There’s the fact that I got in a shower and time to make a decent lunch.

Then not only did the mail come early, but they delivered it to my door, on account of the box that came.  This was really my biggest clue, since that box had parts for the steam cleaner (you see where this is going???)

Then Oona allowed me to clean up the kitchen and vacuum!  I was marveling at the happiness I felt at having a vacuum that did such a great job getting the house clean.  I was feeling giddy at how nicely it was coming together today.  I was actually getting the place clean!   And the candles from Yankee were doing a fab job as well.  My day was looking up.  I could start a fire, relax with my babies and some knitting and enjoy a decent level of cleanliness for once.  You know they say pride goeth before the fall,  but what about the combination of relief, disbelief and contentment?  Does that goeth before the discovery of a fresh steaming rank pile of dog poop on your nicely vacuumed living room rug?