Recovery Mode

The weather has been a bit warmer around here and that has put me in panic mode knitting – wise.  So much wool to finish working up before summer!  Summer is for knitting lighter items like socks, and I still have sweaters to do.  I haven’t even cast on little Mac’s sweater.  That will probably not be worn until next year.  Good thing I got enough wool to knit up a size (always thinking ahead……….ha!)  Actually this summer I may tough it out and keep working on the thicker stuff so it will actually be done in time for cold weather.  Imagine that!

Speaking of little Mac, she recovered nicely from having her ear tube removed, though she took a nap of her own free will yesterday, which told us that she had not completely gotten back to normal.  She would never ever willingly take a nap.  But despite it all she’s having a good week.  Her papa stayed home after her procedure and she’s gotten lots of cuddles.  It’s been good for me, too – I’ve had house work help!!!   AND, even better, he’s been taking Emily to the bus stop in the morning.  This means that my coffee consumption is down from “slightly less than a lethal dose” to a mere “total addict junkie”.    It also helped having him around when Pippa, at around 10:30 last night, decided to leave a big stinky pee puddle on the white carpet at the top of the stairs.  The baby had fallen asleep during Lost (a not to be missed show around these parts) and we were in the process of turning off all the lights and heading up.  Just as we were preparing to open the front door to let her out one last time for the night she bounded up the stairs, headed for her doggie bed in our room.  Except that she made that nasty detour on her way and caused Paul to have to break out the louder – than – bombs steam cleaner to take care of it.   Oh well.  Just more proof that if my house were to be 100% clean at any time the universe would surely implode.   But life goes on, and hopefully so will the knitting.  I’ve barely made any progress on the socks I’ve cast on using Austerman Step wool, which I am loving so far, except that using size 1 needles means it is taking FOREVER.  sushi-chew.jpg

Did I also mention that Sushi likes to chew on my smaller sized wooden needles?

PS: Don’t judge my wrinkly tablecloth – it got dried in the dryer by parties who shall remain nameless and no longer fits my ginormous table.  And as a side note, who knew that buying a new tablecloth in that size (70 x 108) would be so difficult/frustrating/stressful/expensive????????  Apparently I am too picky when choosing such a huge piece of fabric that takes up a large amount of space in the very center of my house.