So Traumatized

Two things happened this weekend which did not add anything to my well – being.

On Saturday Paul and Neve were outside while he moved cars around to work on the truck.  Pippa went wild barking at one point and when I looked out the window I saw Paul and Neve in the driveway making way for a probably 8 foot long blacksnake that was slithering across in front of them.  I ran for the camera, but he was so fast (really really freakin’ fast) he was already headed into the woods.  Apparently Mr. Snakey had been layin’ low under one of our cars.  Eeeewww!  (but at least he kept any mice from crawling into the engine bays)

On Sunday morning I got out of bed and went downstairs to make coffee.  Paul came down with Oona so I made 2 cups of coffee and grabbed 2 chocolate croissants and went over to the couch.  Oona got fussy so I grabbed her from Paul and sat her on my lap.  After a moment I went to grab my coffee on the table in front of me when Paul screamed “Don’t Move!!!” at me and took his napkin and smashed it hard on my shoulder.  He had witnessed a big garden spider CLIMB OUT FROM INSIDE MY  SHIRT and onto my shoulder.  I am still traumatized.

Oh yeah, and thanks to Maddie for promptly reminding me that the average person unknowingly EATS 8 spiders in their lifetime.  (usually in their sleep)

I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again.

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