The Feline Predictor Of Doom

Sushi’s been making me nervous.

She’s always been a funny little cat in the “tortie-tude” kind of way, but she’s also a selective snuggler.  She only ever sleeps on me at night when it’s very quiet……or when I’m sick.  Yup, my normally attention – fickle kitty will climb into my lap (or onto my back, or legs, or feet, or head) anywhere I am if I am unwell.  She does the same thing with the kids.  If they’re sick, she’ll lay right on top of them.  It’s a pattern we noticed after we’d had her for about 2 years and Emily came down with pneumonia.  Sushi slept on her chest every night until Ems had to be hospitalized.  Then she was elusive as ever.

A few months later I had one of those puking viruses and Paul took pictures of me passed out with the cat on me (no, I will not be sharing those….).  Anyway it’s gotten to be a regular thing.  You’re sick?  Here’s Sushi on you!!!

So the last 2 or 3 days she’s suddenly been following me around.  She’s even been curling up on the couch next to me in the middle of the day with the baby trying to grab at her and Neve trying to kiss her.  I checked the cats’ food supply, thinking she’s either desperately hungry or thirsty, but both food and water are plentiful.  So what gives?  Am I getting sick?  Or is it a clever kitty ruse to mess with me?

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