I Can’t Catch a Break, But I can Catch a Bug

I do have some crafty type pictures to share, some progress to report, etc.  But, that will have to wait.  With the older girls back to school Oona and I have been the lucky recipients of every germ they pick up and bring home.  I’ve got a bad cold I can’t seem to shake, which has gotten worse yesterday and today.  Hopefully I’ll start feeling better soon.  If I am still feeling this bad tomorrow I’ll go get checked out, but for now I am laying on the couch miserable, marveling at how well and quickly Oona is walking.  Now that she’s got the hang of it she’s totally taken off with it.  Pretty soon she’ll be running.  Maybe it;s all the Munchkins we’ve been eating.  Yes!  We got a Dunkin Donuts here!  The holy grail of all businesses I’ve wanted to move south with me!  The best part?  It’s literally a mile from my house!!!!!!!  Too bad I’ve been too sick to enjoy the iced coffees more.

Being this ill also means I haven’t been able to do much cleaning or cooking or crafting.  The house is a disaster, and there is so much clean up work to be done outside I can hardly stand it. I tried over Labor Day to make it look more presentable, but the bottom line is that it is way too much work for me to do by myself when I have no Oona help other than my 9 year old.   But I can sit with the laptop and surf, so I have been doing genealogy research.  It’s pretty interesting – my family mostly seems to have been in the US a lot longer than I had suspected, which is kind of neat.  I’ve come to a dead end in 1811 in Massachusetts so that will require some serious digging to get any more info, if it is to be had.  But see????  I TOLD you I’m a New Englander in my bones!!!!!

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