Little Bits of Progress

Yes!  We have progress!  I can thank having a birthday for it – one of my gifts was “time”.  And what a wonderful gift it was!

I made some lounge pants from the Amy Butler In Stitches book, using some Heather Bailey fabric.

I made some accent pillows for the bed.

Emily and I spent time making yo yo’s.

I also worked on some knitting and quilting, and made an apple  pie and some butternut squash with apple soup.  It’s officially my favorite time of year (now to January 1).

I also repainted Emily’s room.  When we first moved in I painted 3 of her walls lavender with a butter yellow accent wall.  I thought it was very sweet, and when clean it looked like this:

Then it went through some various changes – the bookshelf was replaced by a smaller one, the dresser was moved and finally a large chrome rack was put in to give her a place for all her stuff.  I hate that rack.  It never looks good, no matter what.  One of these days I’ll sew up a tent for it….but for now, ick.  But I digress.  Emily’s been asking for a repaint to blue for months now, and when I managed to snag some lovely aqua colored mermaid print fabric we decided it was time.  Off to Lowe’s,  fabric in hand!  It took me only a couple of hours to paint her room and refinish her dresser.  I have yet to get her window treatments or bedding done (and you’ll pardon the mess!), but this is the color and how it’s starting to shape up:

A little more grown up?  I’ll have better pictures once it’s complete.

For now I’m off to comfort Oona, who is grumpy and prone to vomiting today.

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