Christmas Crafting Has Begun

The tree is complete.  The stockings are hanging.  The outdoor lights have been strung up (and they look pretty beast this year if I do say so myself.  And also to borrow a hip new term from the teens).  The cookie list is in process – I have yet to narrow down the exact types I’ll be preparing this year, but I’m close.  The gift knitting is in full swing.  I’ll share a little of that as I can…..but we don’t want to ruin any surprises!  Currently I am cutting red felt snowflakes to applique onto the white tree skirt I have made.  Now if we could just get a good snow to really kick the season off!  Ah, wishful thinking around these parts.  But the snowman mugs are out, the fireplace is on and the girls have their new Christmas pj’s.  Which means I have our 2008 holiday picture!


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