I do have better posts than this waiting to be written, but for now my life has been hijacked by those accursed vampire books all the teen girls are screaming about.  In case you’ve been hiding out in a dirt cave in, say, Siberia, you’ll have no doubt noticed the buzz surrounding the Twilight movie which comes out today.  It’s all Maddie’s been obsessing talking about for so many months now that it’s become her official language.  I’ve been nodding politely, not quite convinced I oculd buy into all the fuss.  Rolling my eyes a bit even.  I never really intended to read the 4 books that created all the craziness.

Then some adult friends told me they had actually enjoyed the books, and that I should check them out.  Maddie jumped at the opportunity to get me on her bandwagon and promptly delvered her book for my perusal.

I couldn’t. put. it. down.  I finished it in record time and had to drive over to my mother’s house for the rest of the books.  I’ve all but finished the 3rd and should be starting the 4th and final one today.  It’s addictive.  I can’t even explain why it’s so addictive, it just is.  This isn’t my normal sort of reading material, either.

At any rate, this is my excuse for having nothing else newsworthy posted.  My normal life will resume once the books are con=mpleted.  Shouldn’t be long -I can’t stop.

They Don’t Make Them Like That Anymore

It’s all rain here today.  Generally this is my kind of day because it makes you feel all cozy and you don’t have to feel guilty for curling up in bed with the baby all day.  Everyone forgives you tht litle luxury on a cold rainy day.  Oona is napping now, and instead of napping with her, I have been inspecting the rain’s effect on the house.

Normally when it rains this hard our bedroom window leaks pretty badly and the gutters out front become overwhelmed and pour water directly into the front garden.  Today the window is dry but the front walk and garden have become totally ponded over.  There are two forces at work here.  One is, in fact the miserably inadequate gutters (which are totally clean of debris, by the way.  They’re not clogged, they just suck).  The other is drainage.  Our house simply sits where the water naturally wants to drain into.  It flows down the driveway, turns just before the house, hits the stone edging between the front garden and the walkway and pools up there.  Whenever it rains we have an awful lot of water flowing directly at the foundation and sometimes resting there for a day or two until it dries out.



Now, maybe I am mistaken, but I would think that when the builders are preparing a site to build on they’d have to be sure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen.  Of course, you’d also think they’d be sure to make the house square as well.  I don’t think we have one wall, window or doorway that is even or level.  Even though we are the first people to live in this house we have never met the builder.  If we ever did, as you can well imagine we’d have some choice words for him/her/them.  It’s too bad that we’d have the kind of problems that we do out of a brand new house, because I really do love the house and the property.  We have a nice amount of acreage and great neighbors.  But I have been thinking about a lot of things lately.

The last time I saw my grandfather we were talking about my house and the myriad issues we were concerned about (like will our well dry up this summer??) and he was astonished we would have any problems at all, considering the house was only 3 years old!  My grandparents house was built in the earlier part of the 1900’s and he could not recall it having any major problems.  Only what you’d expect would need upkeep and repair over the majority of a century.  They really don’t build them like they used to.  This, my friends, really burns me up, because I have always wanted an old house.  You know, a beautiful old colonial farmhouse or saltbox or tollhouse style house with some real history and great bones.  That’s always been the dream, but it’s also been something I had talked myself out of because all you hear about is the potential financial disaster an old house can be.  All of the renovating, repairing, replacing.  And then I see my now 4 year old back deck made from inferior wood and crappy workmanship and know that it will need to be replaced, and sooner rather than later.  I can see the studs popping through the ceilings, and our floors make horrible creaking noises already.  I see all that and I remember my grandfather shaking his head in incredulity.  And then I wonder why I thought a new house would be better?  And I will admit, though I hate to do it, because my husband is always ready to cut his losses and drop this house like a bad habit, that I have been dreaming a little bit more lately about those old colonials.  That I’ve been picturing my family in rooms with old wide plank flooring and real woodburning fireplaces.  Even still I love the house I am in, problematic or no.  It is surely a darn site better than my husband’s ideal home: a concrete dome.  Domes are actually pretty neat, and some of them are quite stunning.  They are also nigh indestructible, which is appealing during tornado season, I’ll tell you that!  But while Paul is techie and space age, I am quaint and old fashioned.  I can’t actually see myself living happily in a dome home.

So for now I’ll keep my imperfect neo-colonial and continue to make it what I and the family need it to be.  But don’t tell Paul I am still dreaming.

Sweet, Sweet Done-ness

I’ve spent all weekend feeling more unwell than I can remember feeling in a long time.  Blame it on the numerous tiny ugly germs my kids bring home from school.  Whatever the cause, the result is a total lack of anything being done on my part other than laying around feeling miserable.  However……..Emily’s Gingerbread Sweater is done!  Yay!  I feel so accomplished!!  (Nevermind the monumental pile of projects left to go)

Besides the sweater, I took some pictures of the girls raking leaves and playing outside.  The only comment I’ll make is that I am sick and was therefore no way involved in picking out their clothes.  This is proof that without me at the helm around here things don’t always go so smoothly!

First, the sweater:




Pattern by Wendy Bernard over at Knit & Tonic.  Yarn:  Plymouth Galway.

And raking leaves in outfits of their own design:





Happy Weekend!

Another Day, Another Pie

The house is rather a mess but I feel quite a sense of accomplishment nonetheless.  I spent most of the day working on finishing up Emily’s sweater, and I should have pics of the final product before too long.  I’ve been calling it the “Gingetbread Sweater” since I started adding the color bands, since it’s a combination now of chocolate (or gingerbread) brown, pink and cream.  I hope she’ll like it as much as she likes the handknit socks.

It was a bit tough at one point working on it – Oona took a nice long nap today (she has a bit of a cold and a cough, so I guess she doesn’t feel so well) and the cats decided it was time to bombard me with attention.  At first I thought perhaps they decided for once they’d show their love and keep me company out of the goodness of their little kitty witty hearts, but no.  Nothing quite so cute and cuddly.  They were bugging me, as it turns out, because their food bowl had gone empty.  Brats.  But at least I got to take advantage of some Milo lap time.


He stayed long wnough for me to complete a couple of rounds of color and watch about an episode and a half of recorded Ghost Hunters before he decided I wasn’t going to give up the goods and he didn’t need any more snuggles.  He took up a post with Sushi in the hallway instead.


At least they didn’t puke in the doorway again.  It’s always fun stumbling in the darkness at 6:15 am to wake up your children for school and have your foot find a nice mushy cold pile of puke.  And what a lovely segue that makes to my evening accomplishment: the pie.


I’m full of pumpkin-y goodness here.  Oona’s fallen off early so I think I will grab myself a slice, cozy up on the couch, put in something non – children – y, and tie up the loose ends on that sweater.  But before I go, have another pie picture.  This one’s a cutie pie.


It’s Fall and I’m in Love

I can’t believe we’re into November already!  Autumn is my favorite time of the year and it seems to pass me by so quickly, especially when I have so much on my plate.  Sometimes I have to remind myself to pause and enjoy the leaves and the cooler air.  So while dinner was grilling on the back deck I walked aorund the yard a bit with Oona, who love love loves being outside.  There’s a lot more color this year around the house than there’s been the last few falls and we were out at twilight, making it even more dramatic against the setting sun.


I love that my driveway is long enough and that our house is set back enough that you can’t see the road from the front.  We’ve helped that a bit by planting some nice flowering trees along either side of the driveway, and hopefully they will continue to grow and thrive and look beautiful.


Yesterday was a nearly perfect day for me.  It was a bit on the soggy side, but that just happens to be ideal “sit by the fireplace and knit” weather.  Oona and I went out early and voted (no lines, either – don’t tell me there’s not advantages to living way out in the country), got our groceries, got some cleaning done and she laid down for a nap – all before noon.  I couldn’t quite believe my luck!  The rest of the afternoon was given over to baking cookies for a neighbor who expressed a taste for them at the block party, and who also has done a few favors involving my children, so the way I see it I owe them a bit.  Then we had a nice exciting – yet – somehow – relaxing evening watching the election.  The girls played while I knitted in front of the tv.  I’ve made quite a bit of headway on Emily’s sweater, though I am way off my projected completion time of several days ago.  It is, however, fun to knit and I am excitedly getting ready to start the yoke and the faux fair isle coloring.  It’s so close!!!


Need A Good Camera

Because I am a technological moron, I simply cannot get the quality out of my camera that I would like.  In the hands of someone adept at this sort of thing, it should turn out some pretty fantastic photos.  But you have to go all manual – like with it and adjust light settings, etc.  First, I don’t have time to do all that when taking pictures of a squirmy bunch of kids.  Second, I lack the mental acumen to do so in the first place.  Seriously, this is why I am a painter and a knitter – I cannot get my brain to understand the concept of working with the settings on my camera to magically make them come together into a working whole.  I tried.  I played with the thing, took several pictures of Oona on various settings and not one of them looks good.

So instead I am going to drool over the very expensive Canon EOS I want.  I’m going to have to take applications for a sugar daddy, though.  Rats.

Jack O’Lanterns

Or is it Jack O’Messes?  We had fun carving our pumpkins, but boy was it messy.  And it took like 3 hours!  Neve carved a little pumpkin all by herself, and Emily carved a fairly difficult wolf pattern into hers.  Mine had some gltiches, but I was pleased with it nonetheless.

Scooping out the guts.

These pumpkin guts are gross!!!!

More gut removal.

When does the Psycho music start???

A lovely little pumpkin, done all by herself.  DIsregard the dog snout nosing in rudely.

Emily, hard at work.

Starting out.

Oona didn’t feel like making it easy.

Part of the “G” fell off during carving.

The big mess.

Neve’s little lantern, all lit up.

Neve asked me to do this pattern as well.  She carved the bones.  Then Oona wouldn’t let her near me anymore.  (Jealous little baby!)

My poor not – quite – perfect pumpkin.

Can you believe a 9 year old carved these intricate wolves all by herself??

The proud artists with their masterpieces.  Currently 2 of the 3 are trying to fend off candy overload after a successful haul on Halloween night.  The littlest one was supposed to go as a toadstool mushroom (with the cutest mushroom cap hat!!!) but she refused to cooperate, so sadly she went trick or treating as a “cute little baby in a stroller”.  Oh well.  There’s always next year.