When Things Go Awry (In which I wax all philisophical and stuff)

We’ve all had those days where we have to make tough decisions and hope things turn out for the best.  I guess it’s part of the fun of life, right?  Too many things can’t go well or the universe might become too unbalanced and smack you in the face.  At least that’s where we are right now, feeling the effects of a tough decision, feeling regret, but confident that it’s all for the best and we’ve made the best decision we could.    I’ve quietly watched some pretty awful stuff going on for quite awhile now and I’ve said very little in the interest of just being a good listener and keeping the peace (and let’s face it, you can’t help someone until they are ready to hear you, as difficult as it can be to hold back).  But it all exploded in my face (well, actually, my ear) yesterday and I could keep my mouth shut no longer.  I won’t say more than that, but I think everyone knows friendships and relationships are a sticky situation sometimes, especially when you see bad things happening to someone you care about.

So what DO you do when things go awry in your corner of the world?  If you’re like me, you open your windows to air out all of the germs from the last few weeks and get your “sew” on.  It’s about 80 degrees here today (hence the window opening) so I whipped up a peasant blouse for my Oona.


I love these little shirts because you don’t need a pattern if you’re familiar with the basics of garment construction (if you’ve sewn enough patterns, you have an idea how a shirt goes together).  I have a pile of leftover fabrics that I will be putting to use making more of these for all of the girls.   This print is from In the Beginning Fabrics. I got it from Fabric.com, my fabric equivalent of a candy store.   I’ll be working on the others  later in the day, after I’ve done some sweeping and scrubbing and airing out.  Out with all the bad and the negative (and the infectious!) and in with the new and the fresh and the positive.  Paul even drive all the way home from Charlotte despite his plans to stay through the week just so he could be here as a supportive force.  He loves his girls, and it’s a good weekend for them to play outside together and have fun and decompress.  The crocuses are blooming!

Happy weekend!

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