Cheep Chicks At My Place

Today’s Thursday, so it’s time for the chicken update!

It’s been one week since we brought the chickies home.  Already they have grown considerably and their feathers are beginning to fill out.  We have yet to identify which one is the male (if any) but they girls are enjoying watching their funny little antics as they run about and try to establish their pecking order.  They have also taken quite well to eating those huge mosquito – hawk things that have been hanging around in massive numbers the past few weeks.


Clementine here is the only one left that’s mostly fuzzy instead of feathers.  She’s also a different breed, though.


Ruby (in front), Clementine, and HenRietta.


Homer (the one who may be the boy…we’re not sure), Penelope, Prudence and HenRietta.

Other than keeping the chickens fed, watered and clean I have accomplished pretty much zero since Monday.  This is due to the granddaddy of all colds that has settled into my sinuses and staked out the territory seemingly for keeps.  I’ve been pretty miserable and the more days that go by the more frustrated I am with my lack of ability to do anything other than the bare minimum to keep my kids and pets alive.  Today has been slightly better, so I am hoping for that break in the clouds  (rather than that break in sanity that may be coming if I don’t get well soon!).

See you then.

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