Now With Knitting Content!!!!

Yes!  I have been knitting!  I haven’t mentioned it really because it really gets done in bits and spurts at a snail’s pace these days.  However, I have gotten a sock and a quarter (almost).  It’s not a huge accomplishment, and boy oh boy I cannot wait for it to be over because I am SO OVER this yarn now (though it is quite lovely and soft, just, you know.  Months of the same barely progressing project doesn’t engender much charity towards it for me right now).


I’m slogging away on the second sock.  I’ll let you know if it gets better.

In other news…..

We had a nest in one of the trees lining our driveway – I had suspected it was a Killdeer and turned out to be correct.  They’re pretty plentiful out in that portion of our property.  I dared a peek a few days ago and saw a little open beak craning up for mama.  I hadn’t even realized there were eggs in it yet.  I dared to venture back with the camera but had the weather working against me (it was way steamy out and the lens kept fogging over) and the mama bird kept screeching and diving me so I got in a few blurry shots with the camera held way away from me.  Only one is worth showing, and it still sucks.


Can you make them out?  Anyway they are gone now – mama taught ’em to fly and they’re off.  It was cute while it lasted.

Also in avian news, we now have a chicken tractor.  This is not an actual tractor in the heavy machinery sense, but a bit of moveable daytime housing for the chickens.  You move it to a different spot each day so the birds get to eat all of the bugs in your lawn without pecking the spot muddy, as they have next to their permanent coop.  They really seem to enjoy being in it, but they really do NOT like it when we gather them in the morning to be put in it.  The girls are having a grand old time of it, watching the poor dumb things run around like, well, you know.  They don’t enjoy being held.  Except Ruby – she’s my buddy.  She’s our golden colored Brahma/Cochin mix.  She also loves to eat the Japanese beetles off of my basil plants, which pleases me to no end.  I may have plenty of pesto this year after all!


Paul put handles and wheels on it so I can easily move it to whatever spot I fancy.


See?  Chicken tractor.  Grand idea!


Hopefully they’ll be happy enough to give me a decent amount of eggs once they start laying.

Paul also completed the bead – board facing for the window bed he made in the playroom.


I recovered the back pillows with some upholstery – weight black and white toile I had and covered the mattress top with some black and white stripe cotton knit I had.  I’ll make two roll pillows to go on the sides.  I’m thinking this may be my favorite spot in the whole house.   Jasper loves it, too.   If only the girls didn’t consistently destroy the room in which it is located. They are wild ones, those girls.  But that’s ok.  My in laws are coming this weekend to take them away for a week.  A week!!!!!  Hooray!!!  I’ll still have Oona to contend with, but with the older girls away I may actually get some cleaning and organizing done in time for the new school year.

Yeah, you heard me.  They go back August 10.  A crime, right?  Makes us feel like summer is over when it really is nowhere near being over.  We’re trying to live it up as best we can.  Emily got an early birthday gift of Rock Band 2 for the Wii and they are loving it.  We also roasted marshmallows again last night.  Over the weekend we had my parents, my uncle and my grandmother for the day (Neve plum wore out my grandma, I can tell ya that) and ate lots of summer food (burgers, potato salad, peach cobbler, fresh homemade pickles).  Oona made grandpa very happy by hangning with him on the swingset and giving him lots of baby love.


I took her out on the swings again today, and let her run around in just her onesie while I was moving the chickens.  Since being a mom is my job I often forget to allow “vacationey” things.  I get too caught up in trying to get things done! that I forget it’s a good time for Oona to play outside and for my older girls to enjoy chasing chickens.  It’s summer, and for a few more precous weeks we’re not on anyone’s schedule but ours.  If we want to take time just to look at the stars or watch the bats we can.  We may still be home, I may still be on the job, but you know what?  It’s still vacation.

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