It’s That Time Again

Christmas time.  This is the time of year I am most over – worked and lacking proper sleep.  Too much to do!  Fortunately I also enjoy all of it – the cookie baking, the knitting, the sewing, the decorating and wrapping, the holiday music and movies.  I love the way the tree looks all sparkly in the living room and the candles all over the house make it feel cozy and warm.  (This year we got LED flickering tea lights at WalMart – they look just like the real thing!)

This week I made several batches of cookies – Chocolate Hazelnut thumbprints (those were all inhaled in no time), frosted butter cookies, and gingerbread cookies.  I love the gingerbread cookies.  I may have eaten a few too many of those this week.

The girls frosted the butter cookies (and fed a bunch to Oona.  As if she needed the sugar).  Maddie helped bake them so I was able to multi – task much more efficiently.  It helps having a willing and able helper.

I also whipped up some apple – walnut cake.  It’s a dense, moist, boozy cake that satisifies many of my cravings this season.  I always liked the idea of those old English puddings and fruitcakes, but I don’t actually like the taste of those.  This cake, though, has all the right spices (cinnamon, cloves, allspice) with a little bit of fruit (apples – I don’t put inthe raisins the recipe calls for because I only eat raisins if they are covered in chocolate) some walnuts, AND a healthy dose of bourbon.  The result is out of this world.  A BIG thank – you to my mother in law for this one.

Aside from stuffing my face and packing unnecessary poundage onto my backside I have been making some little steps toward the holiday crafting that needs to be done.  I have plans this weekend to make some ornaments with the girls and today I’ll be doing knitting and sewing all day (in my pj’s.  I am not getting dressed until I have to go pick up the girls from the bus).  I don’t want to give away too much just yet (there’s gifts involved afterall) but I want to show you a small bit of the tablecloth I’ve been working on.  It’s a reverse – applique method with a rooster and rose stenciled motif.  It’s actually almost complete so I will post a better picture then.

This was taken before the stitching was done and the outlining of the white.  I wanted to make the tablecloth first because I plan to make some gifts using this idea and wanted to be sure I knew what the heck I was doing and prefected it before attempting it on something intended for someone else.  I love the rooster stencil.  I’d like to get a rooster cookie cutter so I can make some rooster ornaments to go with it, but I think considering time restraints I am going to have to wing it.  How hard can it be to make a cookie cutter?  (Stop laughing at me.)

And now, because I am a jerk and because he should have known better, I am leaving you with a picture of my favorite brother in the world.  He emailed this picture to my mother and I (to show off his yearly mustache.  He and his dearest buddies grow them every xmas.  I think it’s hilarious) and I about fell out of my chair when I saw it.  I giggled at the thought of it the rest of the night.  My brother is the funniest guy I know and I really, really wish he lived closer.

Hey KB?  Here’s the deal – I am going to buy a farm one of these days……got too many animals here and I need a barn and all and I am going to be adding mroe and more fur babies because I just can’t help myself.  So………..what’s say you come be my farm hand?  Co – farmer?  I’ll spin the fleece and you canmake the goat cheese.  Sound good????

I am totally taking that as a yes.

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