Almost There…….

Still slaving away trying to get everything in order for the big day.  We’re hosting a cookie exchange this coming Sunday so that’s deadline number one. For that I am scrubbing and straightening and cookie baking like a mad woman.  I also need to drag out the white paint and touch up all of the woodwork thanks to certain children who shall remain nameless but know who they are.

Deadline number two is obviously Christmas.  We host it every year and this year’s no exception.  More baking.  More cooking.  We’ve changed the menu up a bit though and are going Italiano – buffet.  I’m setting out some lasagnas (a la Giada) some shrimp and crostinis (a la my dad) some stuffed mushrooms and a big antipasti platter.  Instead of snacking all day and then sitting down to a huge meal we’ll be eating our huge meal all day at our own rate and then I’ll put out the desserts as the big finish (chocolate cream pies!!!).

In the gift department I am staying busy with knitting several pairs of French Press Slippers .

Here’s a pair all knit up, before felting:

And here they are after a few runs through the washer :

All that’s left is to block them, dry them, and sew on the strap and the buttons.  These are the third pair I have made so far.  It would be a little quicker but I have a front loader washing machine and they don’t felt as well as top loaders.  I have to soak the knitting in hot water and dish soap first, then throw it in the washer with an old tennis shoe and run it through on hot about 5 or 6 times to get it all done properly.  They will be lovely when they are all done, though!

Also completed is a purse for a certain someone on my list who lives up north and mentioned she might like me to make her one.

Grandma?  Eric will be delivering this to you after he leaves here.  Merry Christmas!

(Pattern is Amy Butler’s Madison Bag.  Fabric is “County Fair – Ribbon” by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit Fabrics)

The other completed project is a tee shirt for my brother:

Chanticleer Farm.  When I finally get my farm that’s what I am naming it.  (It’s an old fashioned French word for rooster – I figured since we are over-run with them it only made sense).

Speaking of things that don’t necessarily work out well for me- my microwave broke last week.  I was changing the light bulb over the stove (under said microwave – it’s one of those built-in thingamajobbies) and it got stuck.  I tried to unscrew it and instead it went “POP”!!!  The kicker is that that stinkin’ little light bulb to illuminate my stove took down my whole damn microwave. Paul took it all apart and tried to fix it but it was wired in such a way that the fuse that blew destroyed the entire main control and was too expensive to be worth replacing.  We bought a new microwave for less and I actually like it a whole lot better.  I guess that means it worked out for me for once?  Still, who else but me could destroy a relatively new appliance just by changing a light bulb?  I’m just sayin’.

Oona has done her job to keep my life full of anarchy, chaos, misery and woe.  She climbed onto my bathroom sink, broke into my mirror vanity and spread foundation cream all over her face, hair and hands the other day.  I did what I could to clean it all off but she still had that tell-tale streak along her jawline.  All she needed was bleached out hair and she’d be all over that white-trash look. She capped off the afternoon by trashing a box of unused feminine pads.  The expensive kind.

Then today she climbed into my laundry hamper and pulled herself up to my jewelry box (it’s at my eye – level on a shelf – I thought it was safe there) and began ransacking it.  This was in the approximately two minutes while I was taking a dirty clothes pile to the washer.

The baby gates we got to pen her in no longer work as she knows how to undo the latches.  Ditto for the all the safety latches for the various cabinets and drawers in the house.  Her current pattern is that she will only stay in a room with me until I turn away for a moment and then she makes a break for it.  It’s tough to make any real headway on anything when I have to go locate her and pull her out of trouble every two minutes.  She’s not a terrible two.  She’s an EXTREME two.

At least the chickens like me.  Sort of.  Ruby (now Rubert actually) pecked the crap out of my hand today when I went out to feed them.  Can’t win ’em all I guess.  I still got rewarded with eggs.  And Benny, my little Ameraucana hen, has been giving me lovely green eggs all week.  Hooray!

All of those are fresh – that’s MY Merry Christmas!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Almost There…….

  1. I was going to give you cheery, uplifting words of encouragement, but I lost my train of thought when one kid screamed like a banshee and the other burst into tears (ones that sounded like there was pain involved). They have been fighting-fists and all- for days. Seriously, I can’t even threaten them with bodily harm; they’re doing worse to each other than they’ll EVER get from me. I’m leaving them in the living room to kill each other and going to bed. Good luck with yours.

  2. Enjoy those eggs… we won’t have any until spring now as we never did put artificial lighting in for the hens to keep laying through the winter. One more project for next year.

    Your Oona stories make me giggle a bit but I also remember how trying toddlers can be. Honestly though… I miss it.

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