Finally, A Finished Sweater

I finally finished the Drive-Thru sweater I started for Neve something like……a year ago?  I don’t even know when I started it.  I know I bought the yarn and the pattern when I was pregnant with Oona, and I finished Emily’s version of it in the fall of ’08…… and I think I started casting on Neve’s not long thereafter.  Anyway, it’s all done but the blocking.

I really really like how this one came out.  The bottom edges curl up pretty badly so it looks in the pictures like one side is shorter than the other.  That will go away once I’ve blocked it.

The biggest problem I’ve had with this sweater is Oona.  As soon as it was off the needles she was trying to steal it.  She cried last night when she saw it go on Neve, and ever since she’s been asking for her own.

Can I have my sweater now mama?

I am thinking she’d look cute in a nice lime green one with light pink stripes on the yoke.  Very spring-y.  Also very optimistic on my part that it would be done by spring.  Maybe if I stopped cleaning and cooking and worrying about what Oona is getting into every 2 minutes? I can’t decide if she should get a pullover or cardigan.  I’ll have to think about it some more.

In other news, we got a light dusting of snow overnight so there was a 2 hour delay.  It’s kind of a running joke amongst those of us northern transplants here. Not that I am complaining.  I quite enjoyed the extra sleep.  Now if they could stay there until 5 or so I might have a chance at some of those Shortbread Toffee Chocolate Chip cookies I made yesterday.   With thanks to the Juniper Moon Farm crew for pointing that recipe out – YUM!

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