Shudder – Inducing

Seriously the spider situation right now is out of hand.  I know I have a healthier fear of them than most people, but still.  This whole “90 degrees in the first week of April” thing is certainly not helping.  If it were chillier (like it is supposed to be!) I doubt we’d have so many of them.

Since Milkshakes shows all signs of readiness I have been checking her every few hours or so.  At night it has been a challenge – bugs galore – but tonight I couldn’t even get out the back door due to the spider and beetle condos that have sprung up all over the backdoor.  Then, once I’ve fought my way out to the barn (with gooseflesh and chills still in full effect) I have to squash whatever beast has taken up residence on the door so I can get in to see my goat.  I won’t even tell you the horrors my flashlight has seen on the ground around the barn and in the corners.  I can’t even think about it.  If I didn’t have animals out there I’d be wearing a white spacesuit and blasting the place with Sevin dust.

As for the mommy to be, she has been pawing the ground, panting, pacing, laying on her side with her legs out in awkward positions, and chewing at her sides.  The ligaments at her tailbone are all but “gone” and she’s all bagged up in the udder.  Every expert agrees that these are all good signs of imminent delivery……except these things  have all been true since Friday at least.

I think she just wants to make me crazy.