Glad That’s Over

Thankfully everything’s been fairly quiet since our misadventure with Jerry.  The fence is fixed and after seeing the chickens get zapped a few times Jerry has regained his respect for it.  Have you ever seen a llama smile? Just get an electrified fence, add one chicken, wait for the pained squawking and witness the hilarious grin it elicits on your llama’s face.  I swear he was laughing at that poor bird.  I haven’t seen anything that funny in a long, long while. I needed that laugh, let me tell you.  And I feel sorry for anyone who spoke to me that day – I was an hysterical mess.  I am sure more than one person thought I was off my rocker, but having an animal get loose like that is something akin to losing a toddler.

Meanwhile, since our goat baby situation continues to drag on and on…..we brought home some babies of a different kind.

Two Silver Laced Wyandotte girls.  We got them from Chicken World – a home and garden center the next town over.  The best part is that they’re guaranteed to be hens or we can exchange them.  I am really, really hoping that won’t be necessary for once. These two girls are being called Penny and Magpie.

Emily is over the moon to have little peeps again.  She just loves them.  We tend to pick on her for it, but it’s also kind of cute that she always has to handle all the chickens.   At home she makes it a point to catch and “baby” each and every chicken at least once a day.  When we were at Susie’s I was drooling over the goats and sheep, Neve was running around with the dogs, and Emily was all about chasing the chickens.  She’s our chicken girl.

I’ve been sewing up a mad storm and loving every second of it.  I’ll share my fruits with y’all soon enough…but not just yet.

I’m also hoping Milkshakes hurries things up already before she bursts.  I want a baby goat already!

For now Ill be happy with lamb.  Cake, that is.

My brother’s lovely girlfriend (hi Eleanor!!!) gave me this great 3D cake mold for Christmas and I finally got the chance to use it.  I could barely get it frosted and covered in coconut before it got devoured, otherwise I might’ve “staged it” a little nicer.  Next time I’d like to try to use some marzipan for the eyes and a little pink nose.