A Happy and Full Solstice

The girls and I celebrated the summer solstice by trekking out to a nearby mountaintop to pick peaches in the insanely hot sun. How else do you celebrate the first official day of summer than with summer’s quintessential fruit?  I tell you that was the fastest 30 lbs of fruit we’ve ever picked.  We just wanted to get back into some A/C!!!

Even after much snacking, we were left with this:

So we made these:

Grilled peaches with fresh basil to top some grilled chicken.

Pocket – sized peach pies.

And peach cobbler.  There are still pleeeenty of peaches left.

After dinner al fresco we made a fire to roast marshmallows and play word games.

I hope the longest day of the year found you all enjoying the sun with your loved ones.