Still Playin’ Around

I’m still having fun with my camera.  I haven’t discovered half of what it can do yet, but I can’t help taking pictures of everything around me.  Which means there’s about a milli0n pictures of the cats, the kids, etc.

Like this one of Sushi, who has recently taken up sleeping on Neve and nibbling on her nose, fingers and toes all night long.  This makes Neve very grumpy and she has decided that Sushi must be dreaming about eating sausages all night.

There’s many more of Jasper cat because he loves all the attention and enjoys posing for pictures.

Oona begs to have her picture taken and it’s hard to get one of her acting naturally rather than making funny faces or contorting into some weird position that she thinks is hilarious.

Most of the picture – taking has been happening inside because it’s only 10 bajillion degrees outside and the humidity is so bad it’s like walking into a sauna.  Maddie and I got fed up waiting for the excavation of the pool site to be completed so we headed out with gloves and shovels to get the ball rolling ……

but it was just way too hot and we were miserable.  I think we lasted maybe 20 minutes and got next to nothing accomplished other than drenching ourselves in sweat.  Where can we find some good, reliable, cheap labor around here??????

So, we still have no pool.  And because of this, and despite the heat, I keep telling myself that summer hasn’t really started yet.  We’ve had no days of swimming and nights of s’more roasting, no firefly catching, no picnics out on the deck, nada.  Hopefully we’ll get there before August.  Maddie goes back to school on the 9th and she’ll be really upset if the pool isn’t done by then.

I’ve been working on some frou-frou chiffon petticoat skirts for the girls, and let me just say…it has to be the worst sewing project in the world.  I detest it.  Yet I seem to be getting better at it at least as it drags on.  Pictures to follow soon.

I have done no knitting, despite wanting to very much.


I did make an acquisition relating to all things wonderful and fiber – related.  I’ve gained part custody of this:

My friend Kim’s loom!!!!  She’ s had it hanging around for years, but lately it’s just been gathering dust.  So for now I get to try my hand at weaving until she is ready to get back to working on it.  Not that I really need anymore projects, but how could I resist??????