Cat Burglar

There’s not been too much sleep happening here lately.

Not since the tree went up.

Not since “he” decided to start skulking around said tree.

His favorite spot is about halfway up.  You’ll know he’s there by the shaking and tinkling of ornaments.

When not hanging out mid – tree threatening to topple the whole works, he likes to roll around underneath, chewing on the branches and messing up the skirt.

I’m going to have to start posting the dog to keep watch.



One thought on “Cat Burglar

  1. Fishing line, wound around the top of the tree, and secured to the walls. Right now. (I tie it to my curtain rods because the tree sits in a corner between 2 windows). You could also just stick thumbtacks into the walls to secure the line. It would totally suck to have to explain to the ER doc how Oona was attacked by the christmas tree on Christmas Eve. You have better things to do that night, like drink eggnog with rum.

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