We Miss You and It’s Been Awhile

So…… I’ve gotten some gentle nudging and suggestions that maybe, perhaps it’s been too long since my last post.

‘Tis the season for extra – busyness, and yes, that is my lame excuse.

Home schooling is still in full swing, as is decorating, cookie – baking, Christmas dinner planning, book club party planning, gift making, and more.

Not to mention all the other various and sundry mundane chores like house work and what have you.

And on top of it all, Oona’s been sick for the last several days.  Hoo-ray.

Tonight I allowed myself the night off by whipping up a batch of Peppermint Popcorn while the girls were at Girl Scouts and then surprising them with it at the end of the meeting, along with an impromptu trip around town to look at Christmas Lights while listening to A Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s been the best way I know each year to relax and re-ignite that Christmas spirit.

Tomorrow will begin the baking frenzy of cookies and sweets that will not let up until our larders are good and full of sugary trifles to get us through January and the packaging and boxing of gifts to mail away. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite sources for recipes and some last- minute gift ideas, all set to a rockin’ holiday  soundtrack.

Stay tuned.


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