It’s All About Butter

No, not the delicious and creamy food – stuff.

I’m talking my little Oona – baby – Buddha – Butter.

She’s recently had a haircut to even out the two haircuts she gave herself over the last 2 years, which had resulted in her sporting a baby mullet for much too long.  Now she has a cute little bob.

Anyway, the point of this post is to straighten out her nickname.  Butter.

Many people think it is an homage to the South Park character Butters.

Well, no.  Although we do enjoy the show, and that character is a favorite, that is not how the nickname began.

It’s simply a degeneration of her actual name into something else entirely, which is what happens to all of our kids and pets over time.  Oona became Oona – Boona, which became Ooda-Booda, which became Boo.  Boo stuck for quite awhile,and is still in occasional use.

At the same time, I was calling her a “Little Butt” quite often due to her not – so -wonderful behavior.  Then, of course, “Little Boo-Butt”, “Little Snuggle Butt”, which at last turned into “Snuggle Butter”.  As in I’m going to smoosh you up and put you in a jar and label it Snuggle Butter! Many giggles ensue.


As it happens, there is a Disney show we used to watch waaaaaay back before we had decent cable or satellite and Disney was the only kids’ channel.

It’s called PB&J Otter. It’s a cartoon about a family of Otters living on house boat on (I kid you not) “Lake Hoo-haw”.  (One of their best friends was a Beaver named Munchy, but let’s not go down that road).

So these three Otter children are called “Peanut”, “Jelly”, and , you guessed it, Little Baby “Butter”. 

As you can clearly see, it is completely inevitable that I would have three daughters and that the youngest would end up being called “Butter”.


And now you know.