Holy Cow! A Painting!

When was the last time I showed a finished painting on this blog??  Have I ever shown a finished painting on this blog???  I am not sure I have made a single piece of oil – based artwork since Oona was born, at least.

I decided a few weeks back it was high time that changed.  I decided it while sitting in my living room looking at photos I had taken while over at Juniper Moon Farm of sheep.  That’s when I knew I needed a big ole’ sheep portrait above the fireplace for winter.

Ernie, Susie’s larger than life fleece-bearer fit the bill.

So I dragged out the canvas, brushed the dust off my box of oil paints (and prayed everything wasn’t all dried out) and waited for all the kids to go to bed.

You can’t use oil paints with kids around.

You just can’t.

Over the course of several evenings I managed to finish a satisfactory piece of art to grace the mantle.

And then I went over to the farm and petted him today to thank him for the inspiration.

Then he chewed his cud a bit and walked away.

The end.