Art Day

For Christmas Paul and I got the girls painting sets modeled after the Great Masters’ most iconic works.  They’re called “Master Kitz”, and each one includes some information about the artist and his work, plus instructions to make your very own version.
Emily got Hokusai’s “The Great Wave”, Neve got Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” (thanks to a very soft spot for a certain Doctor Who episode featuring said artist), and Oona got Monet’s “Water Lilies”.

Today the younger girls decided they wanted to break out their kits and work on them for school (Emily was deep into The Joy Luck Club and I wasn’t going to complain).


Thankfully Oona’s kit used chalk pastels instead of paint.  Less mess for me to worry about!



Oona had fun shading with her fingers and tracing the water lily stencil.


Her finished product!


Neve’s project looked like a lot of fun.




Neve’s Starry Night!

They had A LOT of fun making these.  Each kit came with two heavy pieces of paper along with all the paint/pastels and stencils you need, plus super instructions.

No, I am not getting paid by Master Kitz!  I just love how much fun they are!

A New Space To Create

You may or may not know that recently Paul started a new job.  He has been commuting to work every day and is traveling only rarely now.  It’s not bee as big an adjustment for us as I was originally worried it would be, and the kids are certainly benefiting from more papa time during the week.

The other side benefit?  Since he is working every day out of a regular office at a regular 9 – 5 (ish) job, he no longer had any use for the home office.  Since we bought this house the room that had been designated by the builder as “Living Room” has been Paul’s office.  It’s far too small to be a living room, and since the room with the fireplace next to both the dining room and kitchen (labeled “family room”) was much bigger, we had a living room already.

But this smaller room is in a primo spot: in front of the house with floor to ceiling windows and nice french doors. In other words, I’d been eying it for years.

Well, I no longer have to wish.  Paul gave it up for me now that his office is at work.  I spent the last week cleaning it out, painting it, and moving all of my stuff (Including a massive desk that should never be moved by anyone).

It took two tries to get the color just right, but now I am glad I went back.  I love this colonial blue.

I painted around and behind Paul’s post – surgery chair and the server rack.  It took FOREVER to get all of that stuff organized and moved out.

Before Paul could get all of his stuff out I began moving mine in. I couldn’t wait!

Everyone got excited when we moved the big comfy chair from the bedroom in.  It’s a favorite spot to nap and read.  I spent the first two months of Oona’s life sleeping in this chair.  Very comfortable.

Now that the room is complete you can see a good reason for the comfy chair in here – the flat screen tv Paul mounted to the wall above my desk (the monitor on top of my desk are the cameras outside – these will be important once the animals come home).

Everything fits quite nicely.  I kind of want to spend all my time in here.

I have a room surrounded by things I love, that is all me.  It has already become the center of family activity – Paul likes to sit in the big chair and relax while I work on creative things, and the kids like to watch me and the tv.  Even the dogs are in on the action.

I may have to make use of those french doors before too long.




Painting Sneak Peak

I will have a very few paintings to show off / sell at the Shearing Extravaganza this Saturday.  I wish I had more of them, but they take me awhile to get done and then they take forever to dry.  As it is, I completed 2 this week that are still wet and I am fanning them like mad so they can be transported.

Here’s one that will be there:

If I can manage it I’ll try to build up a stock of work and fill my etsy shop.  I’ll let you know.

To see this one and a few more in person, GO TO THE SHEARING!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Cow! A Painting!

When was the last time I showed a finished painting on this blog??  Have I ever shown a finished painting on this blog???  I am not sure I have made a single piece of oil – based artwork since Oona was born, at least.

I decided a few weeks back it was high time that changed.  I decided it while sitting in my living room looking at photos I had taken while over at Juniper Moon Farm of sheep.  That’s when I knew I needed a big ole’ sheep portrait above the fireplace for winter.

Ernie, Susie’s larger than life fleece-bearer fit the bill.

So I dragged out the canvas, brushed the dust off my box of oil paints (and prayed everything wasn’t all dried out) and waited for all the kids to go to bed.

You can’t use oil paints with kids around.

You just can’t.

Over the course of several evenings I managed to finish a satisfactory piece of art to grace the mantle.

And then I went over to the farm and petted him today to thank him for the inspiration.

Then he chewed his cud a bit and walked away.

The end.