Shearing Extravaganza!

Another Shearing Day has come and gone and I do believe we are all exhausted in the very best way possible. Even Oona slept more soundly after wards than she has in I don’t know how long. There were games, ribbons, pies, popcorn, maple cotton candy, luscious yarn and fiber, gorgeous pottery and baskets, a crazy – good bluegrass band, balloons, and SHEEP!

I was happy to see some dear friends from my Book Club at the festival as well as friends from all over the country who flew in just for the event.  I am also happy and proud to announce that my Buttermilk Pie won the pie contest!  It was such a beautifully fun day that I am already excited and ready for the next one this fall.  Just remind me not to bring my camera into the stalls with the lambs and the freshly shorn sheep.  Freshly shorn sheep are slick with lanolin.  And that, my friends, makes for blurry pictures when it gets all over your camera lens.  Ask me how I know.

Now go check out Susie’s blog account of the festival HERE, featuring pictures by the amazingly talented Joel Eagle.

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