Nanny Milkshakes

Last fall we decided not to breed Milkshakes again since we were running out of space.

Then, early this year we moved all of our big animals over to Juniper Moon Farm to stay while we tried to figure out how on earth we were going to keep managing our livestock.

That’s how Milkshakes met Jack.

Jack is the resident Angora buck at JMF.  And sometime this past spring, well.  You know.

My sweet little Nanny goat is looking rather large.  We’re going to start keeping a good eye on her now because we don’t know exactly when she was bred but by all guesses she should be having babies around the end of this month, if not sooner.

Fall babies will be very cute, and they should be all sproingy by Fall Shearing.  There’s not a lot cuter in this world than lambs and goat kids sproinging.

I’m excited to be growing my flock (though honestly I’d rather be growing myself a sheep flock), and I am hoping that we get girls this time around.  I’m not holding my breath; this spring all of Jack’s babies at JMF turned out to be boys.

Fingers are crossed anyway.

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