What Is It???

I have a tree in my yard that has been bearing fruit lately.

Actually, it bears fruit every year but usually the squirrels have eaten all of it before we can identify what it is.  I have a hunch that it’s a persimmon tree, but this is the first year I’ve been able to see the fruit turning orange, so I am more confident than I was before.

However, since I am no expert in identifying trees and plants and whatnot in the wild, I am opening it to all of ou who may have more experience.

Most of the fruit is higher up in the tree (and I am not climbing it unless they really are persimmons, and therefor worth it) and as you can see from the leaves in the first photo, there is some sort of fungus or blight going on.

What say you?  Persimmons? Shall I harvest them?  Do I harvest them now and let them ripen indoors, or wait for them to turn orange?

I’ve never eaten a persimmon before, though I have lots of recipes for preserving them.

Fingers crossed.