Cute Place Holder

I’ve been feeling increasingly crummy the past few days and woke up today with a full – blown head cold.  So although there is stuff going on (pies! knitting! school!) I am too tired to upload pics and share just yet.

For now, enjoy these sweet pictures I took last week at the farm of Caroline and one of my new babies (I’m pretty sure it’s Adelaide – she’s a tad curlier than Sophie.  Or it may be the other way around.  I’ll have to ask Caroline what I decided. My brain’s toast).

Also – how awesome is that hand-knit sweater vest she’s wearing?  She’s mad talented. 

An Apple A Day

After our yearly apple – picking outing yesterday we should certainly have an apple a day for quite awhile!

Although we try to make it out to pick every fruit of the season – cherries, strawberries, peaches – our favorite “not to be missed” fruit to pick is apples.  It’s something to do with the changing of the leaves and the weather and how we look forward to months of apple pies, apple sauce, apple butter and more.

This weekend was perfect because there was a definite chill in the air and it was over cast – very fall – like.

Three types of apples were ready to pick: Jonagold, Golden Delicious, and Red Delicious.  I’ll admit – none of these are my favorite.  But, I’ll head back in a few weeks when the Winesaps are ready and pick my own little stash.

The orchard was pretty crowded and the air was full of the scent of fresh cider donuts and the sound of apples falling to the ground.  There were lots of fallen apples.

I know the people that run the orchard go through and collect these later for some use (cider?  dunno) but seeing them all there made me wish I could collect a bunch to take to my goats and llama – they love apples!  I also imagine that the pigs over at Juniper Moon Farm would be equally happy to have them.

The orchard we go to every year is on a mountain – top and the views are stunning.  Of course, the day we went was overcast so it had less of the wow – factor.

Oona and Neve wanted to bite into those apples right now but we made them wait until we could go home and wash them.

And of course we went for the donuts – you can’t not get some after smelling them the whole while.

I love the country store there – and I wish my larder looked like this!

The pumpkins were also sorely tempting but we decided it’s still a bit early to be bringing those home.

At the end of our trip we had over 60 lbs of apples to lug home.  I brought a big big over to Caroline and Zac at the farm, but when I got back home and saw just how much was still left I kind of wished I had given them more.  I’ll be spending the next week making every apple concoction you can imagine.  And I assure you we’ll be eating apple sauce all through the cold days of winter.

Today’s Post Brought To You By Wool

I finished my Far Away / So Close shawl last week and was waiting for a good day without rain to take pictures of it.

As you can see Emily is still quite fond of modeling knitted goods.  Fortunately she’s actually good at it.

When I bought the yarn back at Rhinebeck I was in love with the fall colors in it – all of my favorites.  But then, while I was knitting with it I was afraid it looked a bit too much like an old couch my parents had in the 70’s.

However, once I blocked it I feel in love all over again.  I love how perfect this is for throwing on on a nice crisp autumn evening.

The colorway is  Spices and it’s from Maple Creek Farm yarn.  I would love to buy more of their yarn but their website seems to be non-functional and I can’t find any on the internet.  I should have bought some back at Maryland Sheep & Wool this spring.

Either way this was an easy and enjoyable knit and I will certainly be making plenty more.

Meet the New Babies!!!

I got a late birthday surprise (it was yesterday) when Caroline called me this morning to say that Milkshakes had her babies this morning!

We now have two little Angora – cross doelings! We’ve decided to give them the names that Milkshakes’ last litter would have had if they hadn’t been boys.  So without further ado, meet Sophie and Adelaide!

I can’t even tell you how smitten I am with these little girls.  They look SO much like their papa!  I can’t believe how curly they are.

Look at those big airplane ears!

Couldn’t you just nuzzle and kiss that little mouth???

Milkshakes is a great mommy and you couldn’t ask for better shepherds to care for the little family than Zac & Caroline.

This is the BEST belated birthday gift ever!

Edited to add: Watch them on Lambcam!

Nanny Milkshakes

Last fall we decided not to breed Milkshakes again since we were running out of space.

Then, early this year we moved all of our big animals over to Juniper Moon Farm to stay while we tried to figure out how on earth we were going to keep managing our livestock.

That’s how Milkshakes met Jack.

Jack is the resident Angora buck at JMF.  And sometime this past spring, well.  You know.

My sweet little Nanny goat is looking rather large.  We’re going to start keeping a good eye on her now because we don’t know exactly when she was bred but by all guesses she should be having babies around the end of this month, if not sooner.

Fall babies will be very cute, and they should be all sproingy by Fall Shearing.  There’s not a lot cuter in this world than lambs and goat kids sproinging.

I’m excited to be growing my flock (though honestly I’d rather be growing myself a sheep flock), and I am hoping that we get girls this time around.  I’m not holding my breath; this spring all of Jack’s babies at JMF turned out to be boys.

Fingers are crossed anyway.