A New Tree-dition

For the last thirteen or so years, we have had an artificial tree for Christmas.  This, believe me, was not my idea.  I grew up with real trees every year, and I adore the smell and look that only a real tree can give you (despite the 8 billion Christmas Tree – scented Yankee Candles I’ve used through the years).

Paul has always been pro – artificial.  It’s cheaper in the long – run, they’re supposedly safer, and they are easier to set up and take down.  I countered these points by saying that fake trees are less environmentally friendly – they will rot in a landfill forever, whereas a real tree will biodegrade, and tree farms re – plant new trees constantly.

At any rate, the artificial tree argument won out for the entire time we’ve had children.  Until, inexplicably, this year.  I still don’t know what caused Paul to finally relent and agree to allow me a real tree this year, but whatever it was, I’m glad I did it.

Family tradition calls for the tree to be put up and decorated on Black Friday every year.  It was obvious my kids had never decorated a real tree before; they kept hanging the ornaments on the very ends of the branches, weighing the tree down pretty badly.  But, I managed to fix that small problem, and despite a bit of a “lean” the tree looks quite nice, if I d say so myself.  It’s been a lovely way to ring in the Christmas season and welcome winter.

We went with red and white lights to match the tree skirt I made a few years ago.  I’ve never been one to use multi – colored lights, but I am really liking the red and white together.

And the smell?  Heavenly!!!!

3 thoughts on “A New Tree-dition

  1. Very lovely tree. Paul gave a gift in agreeing to the scent of a real tree – for you and your children. Thanks for the love and warmth that poured thru this post.

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