More Super Secret Baby Knitting

I have finished a second set of Super Secret Baby Socks.

Don’t tell anyone, okay?

My friend Theresa got a pair just like this in green, along with a striped hat.  This pair will go to my friend Laura, along with another striped hat.

Now that the pre – Christmas  super secret baby knitting is more or less done (more to do in January) I can work on some holiday knitting.

On the needles now?  A shawl out of luscious Malabrigo for my grandmother. I have visions of warm mittens, socks and Sluggy Bonnets in my head, too, but I doubt I’ll even get close to all that.

If only the weather would cooperate so I didn’t feel like a lump sitting on the couch buried in wool drinking coffee.  Alas, the 60 degree – plus sunny weather is killing me in that regard.  It’s hard to feel all Christmas-y, and I’m sweating under the wool.

But it’s okay.  Maddie put a reindeer bell on the dog.