Settling “Back” In

It’s been a hectic, eventful couple of days for us here.

Yesterday morning Paul underwent his neck surgery at our beautiful new  local hospital while I waited it out in the hospital lounge.  I brought my knitting (and finished a hat for myself) as well as plenty of reading materials and the time flew by.  It helped that my lovely friend Sallie brought me lunch and offered a friendly face amid the sea of waiting and worried strangers. Staying connected to the outside world via social media was a great help and I am ridiculously grateful to everyone who wished Paul well.

Maddie stayed with the girls and they got her hopelessly hooked on “Dr. Who”.  In fact, they stayed up ALL NIGHT watching it (and eating ice cream).

I got to spend time with Paul as he recovered from the anesthesia and adjusted to having a neck full of staples (seriously – staples.  They come out next week, thank GOD).  I spent a lot of that time helping him in and out of bed for potty breaks and fluffing his pillows, switching out ice packs and holding a straw to his mouth so he could have water.   He does fairly well on his own now for short bursts during the day, but it’s going to be a long couple of weeks for me helping him manage.   So, if the winter gods would just smile on me and dump a bunch of snow right now, we’d all be pretty happy since we can’t go anywhere anyway!

I’m doing my best to enjoy the temporary quiet that has fallen around the house as the girls are reading by the fireplace, and Gully is curled up in his new dog Snuggie on my lap.  I think it might even be time for a cup of Harney & Sons tea.

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