Lizzy Project Complete!

A month or so ago I teased y’all about a project I was working on with Lizzy House’s  Hello Pilgrim.

Well, it’s done!  And I am pretty darn happy with the results.

The pattern is Sew Lisette’s Traveler Dress, with mods.  The shirt dress pattern was the closest I could find style – wise to what I had in mind, but the skirt wasn’t quite full enough.  I didn’t want a straight shirt – style, nor did I want a too – full skirt, so I added a slightly flared panel on the sides.

My only complaints are that I made it not – quite long enough (another inch would have been my perfect length) and the top isn’t quite as fitted as I’d like around the collar and underarms.  Otherwise I am quite pleased with it.

It’s darn comfortable and I adore the fabric, so I think it will get plenty of wear this summer, especially as it works well with my farm boots!

Then again, Hunter boots do look good with just about anything!

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