Puppy Visiting

We heard the puppies over at Juniper Moon Farm were getting bigger by the second so we had to rush right over and get some cuddles!

Oona is completely in love.  She begged and begged to bring one home RIGHT NOW.

I can’t believe how fast they are growing!  They are making adorable puppy sounds now – barking and growling as the play.

I am in love with the two biggest, fattest ones.  They were totally chill, happy to be snuggled.

We’ve decided to call ours “Orzo”, once we have him picked out.

Much to Oona’s disappointment it will be quite awhile before a puppy comes home with us; he has to stay with his brothers and father as long as we can let him to learn how to be a good guard dog.

Not that Susan, Zac or Caroline are complaining.  More time for puppy love for them!