The Best Kind of Homecoming


I can’t even talk right now, I am just so.  Well.

This is what we did today.  With the help of Emily the Shearer Extraordinaire, we packed up our livestock (and dogs) and brought them home.

At long last.

I have spent so long waiting for this. Worrying. Fretting. Wondering.  My anxiety in bringing them home was great – it has been so long since there have been big animals here, and I was nervous over the getting them here portion.

Now they are home, and I feel like that part of me that has been missing is back, too.

There is still a lot of cleanup work left to be done, and it will take some time for everyone to adjust to their new space.  Our guard dog, Orzo, has his brother George along with him to help him adjust (also to help train George for our good friend Lisa, who is very large with baby right now).

The only part missing from this moment is Susan Gibbs, who is In Texas right now being her very busy self.  I could not have gotten through these last few years without her, and I certainly could not have made all of this happen without her help, advice, sense of humor, and well, animals!  She’s always helped me keep my head on straight and brought me back down to earth when I’ve been overwhelmed by worry.  I owe her a lot that I will never be able to pay back.

I am still nervous for everyone to be okay and settle in and I am sure I will be overly protective and OCD about them for a while.

But I am also insanely, ridiculously happy and fulfilled. 

Here’s to the start of something wonderful.

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