A New Normal

We’re starting to settle into our new routines.  Going out before school in the morning to feed and check on everyone, and spend some calming, quiet time just listening to the sounds of the morning.  It’s the time where I can best observe how the puppies will interact with the flock and where they need improvement.  SO far they are doing well enough that I am letting them out with the flock all day (I’ve only had to do some minor corrections with them – this is the beauty of them having stayed with their father at Susan’s farm for so long, being trained by a seasoned guard dog).

It’s the time where I can watch the sheep and goats and see how they are faring.  It’s also a beautiful alone time just for me to enjoy before the hustle and bustle of homeschool and the activities of a very busy family.

While everyone is working on their reading I have also been busy learning.

This book is my shepherding bible.  It contains so much useful information that no one keeping sheep should be without it. I have spent the last few years learning as much as I can about sheep – and I have been crazy lucky to get so much of that hands – on experience from helping Susan whenever I could.  This book fills in many of the gaps that I feel I still have in my knowledge.  (Though, as my mentor, Susan will still expect to hear my questions from time to time….)

And yes, shut up, I AM still trying to finish my Halloween socks!

In the evenings, the kids usually like to come out and help with feeding and night check.  We make sure the water tanks are full, everyone gets their evening feeding, and that all is well.  It’s not as calm a time as the morning, but it is a lovely way to wrap up the day.

I love how sheep eat hay – head planted firmly in the bale.

I can’t tell you how much I love Milkshakes’ ridiculous beard.

Happy girl.

Jerry kept trying to photobomb everyone from directly above me.  So I turned the camera on him.

And then he decided to go show Orzo who is boss.  Orzo gladly let Jerry have that title, and wandered away to have a drink.

Soon we’ll be hauling in more fence sections to divide the pasture so we’ll have good grass this spring.  We’ll grind up more of the stumps that are still out there and Paul has designs on putting in a centralized hay hut and shelter.  It is shaping up slowly, but I am thrilled you’ll be able to watch the metamorphosis with us.



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