Celebration Season

Celebration season has officially started.

Last night was my book club’s Christmas meeting, where we all go a little more overboard with good food and wine than normal, and we exchange books (I gifted Jenny Lawson’s “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened”)  and ornaments.

It’s always the second Sunday in December, and for me, it is generally the first “event” of the holiday season.


We read “See You In A Hundred Years” by Logan Ward, and, though we started discussing it pretty late into the evening, it looks like everyone enjoyed it.

Or, it could have been all the wine we had by then.


Maddie and I made everyone felt poinsettia pins using Heather Bailey’s Fleur Debris pattern.


My friend Gabi brought latkes – I had so been looking forward to them.


Every year that we continue on with our traditions seems to make it become more exciting, more fun, more full of fond memories. Every year we are more determined to still be doing this when we’re old and gray.

Building a lifetime of traditions with friends and family is the best gift you can give or receive – and I challenge each of you to keep with your beloved traditions or start new ones.  It’s well worth it!

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