Winter Makes Its Debut

I know I am very unpopular when I say how I love snow, but I’ll tell you this: it would be a darn site nicer to have had snow the last few days rather than the rain.  Our field became a mud pit, our bridge is nearly inundated with rushing water.  My boots were sinking in the mud each time I went out to feed (which is a lot, because we’ve been taking wheel – barrow – fulls down at various points during the day).

Then around 3 this afternoon it changed.  First a slushy, icy snow, which only added to the misery.  At this point Emily and I constructed a temporary (and not great) shelter out of the dog kennel and a tarp.  Only the goats are using it.  Sheep actually do just fine in the cold and wet, but I wanted to be able to keep their hay dry and give them an option to get our of the driving rain.  Since then it’s been a rather lovely snow to look at, and I’d have enjoyed being out in it more if not for already being soaked through from the rain.

We had an abbreviated school day today, knowing I would need to spend more time tending to the livestock, and afterwards I made tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches (our standard winter day fare).


I am fond of the Tomato and Cheddar Soup recipe from this book.  It’s basically onions simmered in butter, half and half tossed in once they are soft and clear and foamy.  Shredded cheddar is added with a little bit of flour and then a can of Fire – Roasted Crushed tomatoes.  Salt, pepper, and alspice to taste.  It’s only slightly more complicated than heating up condensed soup and it goes smashingly with grilled cheese!



Emily was my right hand (or arm, more like) today.  When it comes to the farm, Emily earns her keep.


Amelia, like all the rest of the animals, looks a little worse for the wear.  They’ve been getting extra grain the last few days to make up for the lack of a large quantity of free – choice hay.  Plus the combustive process of their digestion provides them with body heat.


See the outer wool dripping?  We’ll ALL be glad to see the sun again.


The ground looks great, doesn’t it?  This is what it looks like at the gate; why a truck wouldn’t make it through.


The geese, on the other hand, think this wet weather is the most amazing thing that has ever happened.  They’ve been flapping about, splashing in puddles and having far too much fun.

On tap for tonight is chili for dinner followed by board games and popcorn by the fire.

Bring it, winter.  It’s about time.




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