Staying In

We are on what feels like day 100 of cold rain and fog.  I think in reality it is more like day 3, but we have at least another day or two to get through, and we’ve all pretty much had our fill of it.

The ground was so saturated this morning when the hay delivery came that there was no way to get the heavy bale out to the field where the animals are.  It sits in my driveway, waiting for some miracle or genius idea to strike.  We peeled off an armload to take out this morning with breakfast in order to tide the sheep  over for a bit.


Normally I’d like to imagine myself out in the British countryside on a day like today; wrapped in wool, wellies on my feet.  But I am too worried about how to manage this hay!



The chickens are muddy and forlorn.  The sheep are muddy and forlorn.  After approaching the gate where the dogs tried to greet me, I am muddy and forlorn.


School will be done in front of the fire today.  These two like to fight over who gets the most exposure to the heat.


Even the cats see the wisdom in curling up with a thick wool blanket.


Since I can’t spend the day curled up with them in bed I will content myself with some espresso by the fire and work on my sweater.


Stay warm and dry, wherever you are.

And if you have any genius ideas for how to get a massively heavy bale of hay down a slope, across a swampy bridge and up again into a muddy field, do let me know.

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