(Not Very) Snowy Day

Yesterday we drove way down to Farmville, Va to pick up two new female geese to be companions for our poor lonely Uncle Waldo.


He’s been on his own for a few days after he lost his two lovely ladies to a tragic dog – related accident. (In other news, George the dog has gone on to his forever home where he is  learning that “Geese are friends, not food!”).

No, I don’t want to talk about it.  I am just glad it all worked out for everyone and Georgio has older, bigger dogs to mentor him and keep him in his place now.


Luckily sweet Orzo never understood the fun involved in full – scale poultry slaughter, and has been happy to just keep a wary eye on those big, noisy, bossy birds.

So we brought home two lovely new ladies – these ones Toulouse geese.  They look mighty similar to the Pilgrim geese we lost, and so far have rather sweet, if stand -offish personalities.



We’re calling them Agnes and Tilly.  Waldo seems to have taken to them rather well.  They’ve started going off on those little goose expeditions around the pasture that I am always so fond of watching. They don’t appear to have any real destination in mind, but they certainly waddle with purpose, wherever it is they are going.


Neve has been helping out with chores since we have to bring down big wheel – barrows full of hay a few times a day.  Now that the temperature hasn’t been above freezing for awhile we are also carting down buckets of water, since our lines out to the pasture are frozen.  If this keeps us I will have abs and thighs of steel.

I don’t want to talk about that, either.


Neve doesn’t mind, since Piper and Wren like to come up for grain snuggles.


Jerry doesn’t mind having a much smaller, easier target to bully for the bucket of grain.

Cross your fingers the ice thaws soon and we can get a field delivery of hay before long.  I’m sick of feeling the muscle burn.

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