Surprise Round Two!

Well, I had a whole post lined up with adorable pictures of Caramel, but it’s going to have to wait because Milkshakes had her babies!

I checked on her this morning and she was munching hay happily.  So I got in the shower.

Yup.  While I was rinsing the conditioner out of my hair Emily charged in and announced that Neve was attending to a laboring Milkshakes.

I got down there to find two babies on the ground, already being dried off.


There’s a girl and a boy, and they are a product of Milkshakes and Susan’s Angora buck, Jack.


We were sure they’d be Camembert babies like Caramel, but it seems Milkshakes only has eyes for lovely Jack.


Meet Basil, our boy.


And Aster, our girl.

Neve gets the gold badge today for keeping a calm head and knowing what to do.

Milkshakes and Adelaide get the award for “least warning ever” of impending birth.

Let’s hope I get more lead time with the sheep.


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